WESTERVILLE – Two Westerville police officers were injured during a scuffle in a Kroger parking lot.

It happened shortly after 7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 15 at the Kroger on W. Schrock Rd.

Police were sent to the store after an employee said two shirtless men were being belligerent after being asked to leave the liquor store. The store employee also admitted to saying things he shouldn’t have, such telling them he is off in ten minutes if they want to settle it.

While officers were taking a trespassing report, the men returned, with shirts on. According to a police report, the men were asked to come outside.

Police checked the names of both men for warrants, revealing a domestic violence warrant for one of them, issued in Columbus.

From the police report:

I told [the suspect] he had a warrant for his arrest for domestic violence and assault. I told him to place his hands behind his back and he said, “no I don’t” and started backing up away from Sgt. Hord and I. I grabbed a hold of [the suspect]’s left wrist and arm and told him, “You are under arrest.” I told him two more times, “You are under arrest” as he said “I can’t do this shit.”

I told him to relax as he kept trying to pull his arms away from us. [the suspect] said he was trying to get his phone. He continued to pull away from us as Sgt. Hord said to take him to the ground. [the suspect] had moved his feet between mine and then I turned to take him to the ground.

As we landed I lost control of his left arm and was able to grab his right leg to maintain control of him as he struggled to get away from us. I was able to grab my radio and air an officer in trouble call, but it was not acknowledged.

As we were on the ground, I could see a body camera and gun magazine lay in front of us. I was able to use my radio again to air an officer in trouble call which was acknowledged. I then grabbed a hold of [the suspect]’s right hand and wrist as he was trying to use it to brace himself to get up. I continued holding on to his right hand and right leg, and put my body weight on him until he was securely handcuffed.

Westerville police report

During the struggle, one officer suffered abrasions to his left elbow and upper left arm, as well as his right elbow and both knees. Another officer had abrasions to both knees, his left elbow, and right thumb knuckle. His left elbow had a small laceration from the pavement, which required two stitches

Video of the struggle was recorded on the phone of the employee who called police in the first place.

The suspect was arrested, changed with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. He was also booked on the domestic violence warrant.

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