WESTERVILLE – A Canal WInchester man is accused of speeding down State Street while doing wheelies and running from police.

It happened around 8:35 p.m. on Saturday, June 18 in front of the Westerville police headquarters at 21 S. State St. According to a police report, an officer was leaving the back parking lot of the police station when he heard several motorcycles speeding down State Street.

Dispatchers told the officer that the motorcyclist in the lead of the group was doing a wheelie as he passed a city security camera. The officer started following two of the motorcycles, then activated his lights in order to make a traffic stop near Schrock Road.

Both motorcycles pulled into the Fazoli’s parking lot. One of them came to a stop, while the motorcyclist who was seen doing wheelies went right through the lot and exited back onto State Street.

The motorcyclist who did stop told the officer that the other motorcyclist was a friend of his, and identified him to police. He admitted that it was their group that sped past the police station, according to police. The officer had the motorcyclist relay a message to his friend that he needed to contact him to be served with a citation, or a warrant would be issued.

About an hour later, the other motorcyclist called the police station. He later came to the police station to get a copy of his citation.

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