WESTERVILLE – Four people were arrested Sunday after police say they ran from a traffic stop in the Westerville Walmart parking lot.

Just before 1 p.m. on Sunday, May 22, someone called police to report a reckless driver on Schrock Road. According to a police report, the caller said the driver ran a red light at Schrock and Park Meadow. The caller followed the car to Walmart while on the phone with police.

Original report: Police helicopter helps with search in Westerville

The occupants of the car went into Walmart. The caller was able to give police a description of each of them.

When officers arrived at Walmart, they discovered that the suspects’ car was reported stolen.

Police waited outside the nearby PNC Bank for the suspects to leave Walmart. Once the suspects got back inside the car, an officer activated lights and siren and blocked them in with a cruiser. All of the suspects then got out of the car and ran.

Two of the suspects were captured in the vicinity of Walmart. The other two were arrested on Cherry Ravine Ct. after running through the Sugar Grove Square apartments property, over a fence, and through a yard on Triesta Place. A police helicopter from Columbus helped with the search.

In all, four suspects were arrested, three juveniles and an adult.

A Walmart employee told police that the quartet of suspects stole some clothes and a box of donuts from the store.

The adult was charged with receiving stolen property and obstructing official business. Receiving stolen property charges were filed in Franklin County Juvenile Court for the three juveniles.

Bond was set for the adult in Franklin County Municipal Court at $5,000.

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