WESTERVILLE – A Columbus woman was arrested and charged with theft and trespassing after police say she snuck into the Highlands Park Aquatic Center after being denied entry.

According to a police report, it happened in the afternoon of Wednesday, June 15 at the pool on South Spring Street in Westerville.

Police say a 19-year-old woman from Columbus was denied entry to the pool and told only season pass-holders were being let in for the rest of the day. Day-pass sales were cut off early in the afternoon due to the facility being at capacity.

Pool staff told police that the woman initially left, only to sneak in through a back gate. The pool manager told her she was trespassing and asked her to leave. The woman did so, but snuck in once again, according to the report. Pool staff called police to remove the woman.

Officers said the woman was very confrontational toward them. They noted that she initially refused to identify herself.

I asked [the suspect] if she knew her social security number, and she stated “I do, what do you need that for.” I advised [the suspect] we were doing an investigation for trespass, and she was not free to leave. [the suspect] asked again what we needed her social for, I advised her for the investigation of trespass. Within seconds [the suspect] became argumentative saying she was not trespassing, after already admitting [the pool manager] told her she was trespassing. Officer Cerino advised her it was also for theft because of the $15. [the suspect] started yelling “do you want my $15 dollars before I leave.” Officer Cerino said “no” and [the suspect] said “ok then, I’m leaving!”

Westerville Police Report

The report said the woman then tried to walk past officers to leave. Officers told her she was under arrest and tried to grab her arm in order to detain her. The woman pulled away, causing an officer to get a handful of braids instead of her arm. Police said she started screaming and fighting as officers tried to cuff her.

She was eventually cuffed and led out to a police cruiser. The woman was charged with failure to disclose personal information, theft, criminal trespassing, and resisting arrest. She was taken to the Franklin County Jail. She was later released without bond being set with a scheduled court date.

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