WESTERVILLE – The City of Westerville is opting out of a new law that allows the sale and use of consumer fireworks in Ohio.

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Effective July 3, 2022, Ohioans can purchase and use consumer fireworks, eliminating the need to remove the products from the state withing 48 hours. Use of fireworks is restricted to the following days:

  • New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day
  • Chinese New Year
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Memorial Day weekend
  • Juneteenth
  • The third, fourth, and fifth days of July
  • The first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before and after the Fourth of July
  • Labor Day weekend
  • Diwali

The law allows townships, cities and villages to restrict the use of fireworks, or ban their sale and use entirely. Westerville has opted to ban them entirely, with the exception of small novelty fireworks, such as sparklers and snakes.

“The safety of our residents and their guests are very important to us,” said Westerville Fire Chief Brian Miller. “Fireworks can be extremely dangerous if not used or supervised properly.”

Westerville’s ban on fireworks within city limits predates the passage of the law, so no additional steps were necessary in order to opt out. Violating the city’s fireworks ordinance is a misdemeanor of the first degree punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1000 fine.

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