WESTERVILLE, Ohio — A Westerville police cruiser was rammed by a suspect during a pursuit early Saturday morning.

The incident started around 2:39 a.m. Saturday, when officers were called to a neighborhood near County Line Road and McCorkle Blvd on a report of teens trying door handles and breaking into cars.

An officer spotted three cars stopped in the middle of the road at McCorkle and County Line. As the officer approached them, all three drivers sped off, going north on McCorkle, according to a police report.

All three vehicles pulled into the parking lot of 617 McCorkle Blvd., that’s the Post Office. Lights and sirens on, officers attempted to block all entrances of the parking lot.

Instead of surrendering, police say the driver of a black jeep went over a grassy berm and fled. A silver Ford Fusion was also seen driving away.

The driver of a white Honda Accord drove straight into the front bumper of a police car, causing extensive damage, according to police. The officer jumped out of his car and tried to hold the suspects at gunpoint.

Once again, instead of surrendering, the suspects fled northbound on McCorkle. This began a pursuit that took officers east on Maxtown Road, south on Sunbury Road, and south on Spring Road. The chase took officers through several residential areas.

The suspect’s car was last seen at the 270/161 ramp on Sunbury Road. The chase was called off at that point, as officers couldn’t see which ramp the suspect used.

Officers reported traveling more than 100mph on several occasions during the chase. The Accord was traveling at an estimated 120mph at times.

No arrests were made.

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