WESTERVILLE – A Westerville-based supplier of gaming computers and parts is being sued by the Ohio Attorney General for unfulfilled orders totaling more than $100,000.

According to Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, OG10KTech and business owner William D. Taylor Sr. falsely claimed that the store had special relationships with vendors who could obtain, or currently possessed, highly sought-after products at prices that didn’t reflect the substantial mark-ups seen elsewhere. Yost said customers were required to make payment in full in order to be placed on a waiting list for highly sought after graphics cards (GPUs).

After many months of waiting, some customers began requesting refunds. For at least 70 customers, those refunds never came, nor did their products, according to Yost. This, despite OG10kTech’s return policy stating that refunds would be given for items not received within 45 days.

The complaint alleges violations of Ohio’s Consumer Sales Practices Act and its rules – including:

  • Failing to deliver products.
  • Misrepresenting the availability of goods.
  • Selling merchandise on its website that it neither possessed nor could deliver.
  • Failing to observe its duty to segregate purchase monies.
  • Failing to provide refunds.
  • Misrepresenting that the subject of a consumer transaction was available.
  • Misrepresenting the availability of refunds due to the defendants’ precarious financial position.

The lawsuit seeks refunds for all affected customers, as well as a penalty of $25,000 for each violation.

Reviews on Google detail the efforts of customers to get either their GPUs or a refund.

During the great GPU shortage, I was pleasantly surprised to find this store was selling GPUs online. Little did I know, by “selling” I mean the store would gladly take your money with no idea if your order will be fulfilled.

A month later, I contacted support to ask when my order will be shipped; they claimed they were still filling orders from over 7 months ago, so it might be awhile. For all they knew, my order would’ve been shipped 2 years later, if at all. So, I requested a cancellation and refund on my order, and it was cancelled.

Over a month later, there was still no refund. I contacted my credit card company to do a charge back. I guess OG10KTech ghosted them too, because my refund was not issued until FIVE months later.

There’s a reason why ALL other retailers will not accept your money on high-demand, out of stock products.

Michael, Google Reviews

I ordered an RTX 3080 from them in April of 2021 I knew with how the market on GPUs was at the time that it’d take a while to get one but as of May 2022 I still don’t have a card or refund. This company bit off way more then it could chew, they took in WAY too many backorders for GPUs and can’t/won’t fulfill them. You can’t contact them in any way so you’re pretty much SOL in getting a refund. Their site has been privatized but luckily I screenshotted my order confirmation and kept the few emails I got from them. I’m not holding my breath on ever getting my GPU or my money back, better off going to Micro Center.

Sam Shonk, Google Reviews

The company’s storefront at 654 Brooksedge Blvd Suite B closed earlier in 2022. The Attorney General says Taylor continued to operate the business from his Galena home. The business stopped taking orders in March,

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