WESTERVILLE, Ohio — Westerville City Council last week voted to authorize the city manager to accept a $300,000 grant from the state for the proposed Edge Adventure Park.

The city was awarded $300,000 through the State of Ohio, Capital
Improvement Community Park, Recreation/Conservation Project Pass-Through Grant Program. The award will be used for the construction of a small parking lot, trails and ravine bridges.

The Edge Adventure Park is proposed for a 10.5-acre wooded ravine between Vesper Way and Cleveland Avenue in the northwest portion of Westerville. City planners say the park will be inspired by the blend of recreation, nature and adventure-style activities and that it will serve a dual purpose for workforce recruitment, worksite wellness pursuits and corporate fitness and team-building opportunities based on its location in Westar.

The park may include canopy walks, adventure play courses, trails, and a connection to the Alum Creek Trail and Westar development area.

Plans for the park will be put together and finalized by the end of 2023, with construction expected to begin in 2024. City staff plans to ask for an additional $3.25 million in funding in 2024 from the Westar/Olentangy//Worthington Road TIF.

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