WESTERVILLE — At least two Westerville schools and a church were victims of vandals with red and black spray paint.

The facilities manager of Westerville Christian Church at 471 E. College Ave. called police on April 11 after discovering spray paint on the building. The responding officer noted that the word ‘Savage’ was painted in red and black. Other obscenities were also painted on the building.

According to another police report, more red and black spray paint damage was found at Westerville South High School.

Damages to the school included:

  • The stop sign in the north lot to Walnut
  • Speed limit sign on Walnut to the north lot
  • Conex container
  • Storage shed behind north side of football stadium
  • Stop sign in the east lot to Otterbein
  • No parking sign in the parking lot between the tennis courts and Otterbein

Police asked Westerville City Schools for a copy of any surveillance video that might have captured the vandalism happening.

At Whittier Elementary School, various signs around the property were spray painted, again with red and black paint.

Damages at Whittier Elementary include:

  • Stop sign on Summit to the west parking lot
  • Stop sign in parking lot to Walnut
  • School Bus Only sign on Walnut to the west parking lot
  • Prohibitions sign in north lot of building
  • Dumpster in the west lot
  • North side door
  • East side bricks of the building
  • Two windows on the east side of the building

According to police, the building was painted with numerous obscenities in plain view from the playground.

Similar damage was also reported at two private homes, one along S. Weyant St. and another on Summit St.

On Weyant St., “Nice car dick” was painted onto a White Honda Pilot using black spray paint. On Summit St., a fence behind a home was painted with obscenities.

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