WESTERVILLE – A teen told police officers he was ‘tweakin’ during a bizarre encounter outside the Highlands Park Aquatic Center in Westerville.

It happened around 6:30 p.m. on Monday, June 13 in the parking lot outside the pool at 245 S. Spring Rd. Pool staff called police after they witnessed the teen trying to get into a woman’s car, according to a police report.

When police arrived, a woman flagged them down. She said the teen tried to get into the trunk of her car, then tried to open a side door. She explained that she did not think he was acting right and just seemed odd.

The woman said she did not feel threatened and did not want to file charges.

An officer then spoke to the 15-year-old suspect and noted that he was obviously under the influence of something, based on pinpoint pupils and odd behavior.

From the report:

He was unable to stay focused on a conversation and demonstrated unusual responses, only occasionally responding appropriately. I began telling [redacted] that a female told me he tried to get in her car. [Redacted] replied with, “Do you have a pair of balls before you start talking, I’m gonna tear it off.” When I asked him to repeat what he said he stated, “A pair of balls if you start trying to tear them off.”

Again, I asked him to explain what he meant further and he said he meant “not eating, trying to talk about how you feel.”

I asked how he felt and he said he has on and off days. [Redacted]’s speech was slurred, and he had to repeat some words to pronounce them correctly.

Westerville Police Report

An officer eventually asked the teen to have a seat on the curb. After he said down, the teen started rummaging through a backpack and removed a straw containing a white powdery substance. Officers could hear the sound of pills rattling as he dug through the bag.

At one point during the conversation, according to the report, the teen told the officer he was ‘tweakin.’ In his report, the officer defined tweaking as a slang term commonly used to describe the behavior of someone who is under the influence of a drug.

When an officer asked about the straw, the teen said he used it to ‘snort’ the last time he had a Percocet. He denied snorting anything that day.

Officers searched the teen and his bag, revealing multiple bottles of mixed pills. Some were prescription medications, others were not.

No charged were immediately filed against the teen. Officers were waiting to see if any of the pills were reported stolen by the person to whom they were prescribed.

The teen was evaluated by medics, who determined that he was not having any sort of medical emergency. Concerned about his ability to care for himself, the teen was pink slipped and taken to Nationwide Children’s Hospital for evaluation.

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