WESTERVILLE – A Westerville man is charged with aggravated arson after his home burned over the weekend.

According to a police report, the fire happened early in the morning on June 4 at 653 Timberlake Drive in Westerville.

After the fire was out, police found a gray Volvo parked in the garage. Neighbors told police the Volvo is the homeowner’s only car. Police observed heavy front end damage on the vehicle. The Volvo’s hood was crushed as well as the front frame of the vehicle. The vehicle was missing the front bumper and had a significant oil leak.

Police said the damage appeared to be from the vehicle hitting a squared object around a grass area. Additional damage was observed in the garage, where it appears the vehicle drove into the garage, rammed the wall and backed up. A bundle of firewood was dragged under the car.

Police followed the trail of oil to Cleveland Avenue. They eventually found a crash scene on the ramp from Interstate 270 West to Cleveland Avenue. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office was called to investigate the crash.

The fire investigation determined there were multiple burn spots and ignition spots in the house where it appeared someone had intentionally set it on fire, according to the report.

An officer went to a home belonging to a family member of the homeowner, in an attempt to find the owner and question him. The officer was turned away from the home, with the occupants saying the owner of the burned home was resting and could not talk.

A vehicle was seen leaving the family member’s home a short time later. Officers believed the suspect was a passenger of the car, but could not positively identify him.

A short time later, a warrant was issued for the arrest of the homeowner, charging him with aggravated arson.

According to court records, the arrest warrant is still active.

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