WESTERVILLE – A Westerville man is charged with a misdemeanor, accused of exposing himself during a physical therapy session.

It happened on March 28 at Advantage Health and Rehabilitation Center on Commerce Park Drive in Westerville, according to a police report.

According to that report, an employee called police two days after the incident.

A woman said she was stretching the suspect’s leg while he was laying on his back. The two were interrupted by a contractor who arrived to fix the printer. When the woman returned to the suspect, she noticed the tip of his penis sticking out of the top of his sweatpants.

The woman immediately told the man to turn over, according to the report. She told the suspect that their session was over.

The suspect then went to the bathroom. When he returned, the woman said he asked about tipping her money. She told him they do not take tips, and he responded next time he might tip her.

The woman told police she believed that the suspect intentionally exposed his penis. She believed this due to comments that he had made to her. She said she believed that he knew that she was the only employee working at the time of his therapy. During the course of therapy, she said he asked her how often she works, if she has any other jobs, and if she makes enough money. She believed that he was alluding to sexual favors.

Another employee told police about creepy behavior on the part of the suspect.

On April 2, police went to the suspect’s home to serve him with misdemeanor charges for the incident. Neighbors told police that the suspect and his family recently packed all their belongings and moved out.

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