WESTERVILLE – A woman says a man flashed a gun while trying to intimidate her into handing over drugs and money.

It happened around 10:20 a.m. on April 15 in the parking lot of 460 Polaris Parkway, according to a Westerville police report. A woman was sitting in her car during a work break when she said a man walked up and asked if she had any drugs.

After telling the man no, the man instead asked whether he could have either some money, or the woman’s phone number. The woman refused both. That’s when the man lifted his shirt to show the handle of a gun. The woman again refused to give him anything.

The man then looked around before walking away. The woman stayed in her car a little while longer, then went back inside to work. Another employee called police.

Video surveillance video confirmed that

No description of the suspect was made available by police.

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