WESTERVILLE – Police are investigating after a man tried to pass a counterfeit bill at McDonald’s.

It happened May 1 around 10:30 a.m. at the restaurant on South State Street.

The McDonald’s manager called police after someone tried to pay for $7.08 worth of food with a counterfeit $50 bill. The man left after paying with a legitimate $20 bill before police arrived.

According to police, the bill did not have color shifting ink on the “50” in the lower right corner. It also
did not have the USA 50 security thread or the Grant watermark on the right side of the bill.

While officers were taking a report, the man came back to the restaurant to see what he needed to do about the bill. He told police a friend named ‘Junior’ asked him for a ride the night before and paid him $250. He said he noticed that the $50 bill felt odd when he tried to use it at McDonald’s.

The man told police at least one of the other bills he received from ‘Junior’ seemed off.

Police asked the man if he knew Junior’s real name. He said that he did not. Junior is in the man’s phone as ‘Junior Pies’ because Junior sells pies.

Officers asked the man to come to the police station with the other bills the following day. No charges were immediately filed.

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