Westerville Sports Complex is a park located at 325 North Cleveland Ave., directly across the street from the Westerville Community Center. That’s right at the corner of Cleveland Ave. and County Line Rd.

Park amenities

  • Recreation Pathway – 1.29 miles
  • Lightning Prediction System
  • Playground: (2-5 year old) with swings and (6-12 year old) with swings
  • Two Lighted Basketball Courts
  • Picnic Area
  • Fishing
  • Nature Area: Conservation Easement
  • Water Feature: Alum Creek
  • Bike Racks
  • Emergency Call Out
  • Lighted Flagpole
  • ADA Drinking Fountain
  • Benches
  • Six Soccer/Sports Fields
  • Bicycle Hub
  • Soccer Sculpture
  • B&W Recognition Sponsor Wall/ Adopt-A-Foot Landscape Bed

Soccer Fields

Soccer fields at the Westerville Sports Complex

Westerville Sports Complex is home to six soccer/sports fields. The fields have lines and soccer goals. There’s a soccer sculpture near the fields.


Westerville Sports Complex has a 1,870 square foot shelter with tables. The shelter will hold around 64 people. It has electric outlets, lights, vending machines, and storage areas. The shelter includes bathroom facilities.


The playground at Westerville Sports Complex includes two small sets of newer equipment, for younger and older children respectively. It also includes a climbing net feature and swings. The playground is located right next to the shelter and bathrooms.


Westerville Sports Complex has bathrooms with running water inside of the shelter building. The restrooms are closed and locked after park hours.

Other park facts

The park is on 51 acres of land that was acquired in 1997 and 1999. There are 313 available parking spaces, including eight ADA-accessible spaces. The park hosts the yearly Memorial Day weekend Field of Heroes event. Construction is underway on a permanent Veterans Memorial.

Westerville Sports Complex is the official Westerville Fireworks viewing area.

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