Corrections Policy:

  • We strive for accuracy in all of our reporting, but we recognize that mistakes can happen.
  • If you believe we have made an error in a story, please contact us at [email protected]
  • We will review your concerns and, if necessary, make corrections to the story as quickly as possible.
  • Any corrections will be prominently noted at the top of the story, with a notation that the story has been corrected.

Editorial Policy:

  • We are committed to providing fair, balanced, and accurate coverage.
  • We will not publish content that is knowingly false or misleading.
  • We will not publish content that is discriminatory or hateful.
  • We strive to disclose any conflicts of interest that could impact our reporting.
  • We welcome feedback on our coverage and will make every effort to respond to concerns raised.

WestervilleO reports on individual instances of crime. We follow these standards when doing so:

  • We generally do not post mugshots or identify suspects by name who are charged with misdemeanors. Exceptions to this policy can be made at the discretion of editorial staff, when deemed in the interest of the public good.
  • When available, we will name and use mugshots of suspects charged with felony crimes. When a name and mugshot are used, we make a commitment to follow the progress of the case through the court system. If charges are eventually dropped, or the suspect is acquitted, we will make a prominent note of that fact in all previous coverage. We will also consider removing the name and photo of the suspect, at the discretion of editorial staff.
  • does not identify the victims of sexual assault, except at the request of the victim.