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Body camera shows arrests during Westerville foot chase

WESTERVILLE - Body camera video shows the moments four people were arrested

AJ AJ June 6, 2022

Thief walks off with Air Jordans from Highlands Park pool

WESTERVILLE - A Westerville teen says someone stole his shoes while he

AJ AJ June 2, 2022

Gun photo taken at Westerville South High School

WESTERVILLE - Westerville Police are investigating after a photo of a person

AJ AJ June 2, 2022

Westerville police investigate report of renegade archer

WESTERVILLE - Police recently responded to a report of arrows sticking in

AJ AJ June 1, 2022

Man gets 15 years after Red Roof Inn drug raid

WESTERVILLE - A Columbus man was sentenced to more than 15 years

AJ AJ May 25, 2022

4 arrested after foot chase in Westerville

WESTERVILLE - Four people were arrested Sunday after police say they ran

AJ AJ May 24, 2022

Police helicopter helps with search in Westerville

Update: 4 arrested after foot chase in Westerville WESTERVILLE - A Columbus

AJ AJ May 22, 2022

Westerville Speedway robbed at gunpoint

WESTERVILLE – A police helicopter was called to help after a Speedway

AJ AJ April 21, 2022

Gun flashed during Polaris Parkway robbery attempt

WESTERVILLE – A woman says a man flashed a gun while trying

AJ AJ April 18, 2022

Man jailed, accused of having gun in car

WESTERVILLE – A Whitehall man was arrested in Westerville, accused of having

AJ AJ April 15, 2022