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‘Tweakin’ teen troubles swimmers at Highlands Park pool

WESTERVILLE - A teen told police officers he was 'tweakin' during a

AJ AJ June 15, 2022

Power outage affects large portion of Westerville

A large portion of Westerville is without power Tuesday afternoon.

AJ AJ June 14, 2022

Police: Man found passed out drunk with gun in truck

WESTERVILLE - Westerville police arrested a man over the weekend who was

AJ AJ June 13, 2022

Driver of stolen U-Haul steals trailer from storage facility

WESTERVILLE - A man driving a stolen U-Haul drove off with a

AJ AJ June 10, 2022

Westerville Police to hold Constitutional Carry gun seminar

WESTERVILLE - Police in Westerville will soon host the first in a

AJ AJ June 8, 2022

Owner charged with arson after Westerville home burns

WESTERVILLE - A Westerville man is charged with aggravated arson after his

AJ AJ June 7, 2022

Body camera shows arrests during Westerville foot chase

WESTERVILLE - Body camera video shows the moments four people were arrested

AJ AJ June 6, 2022

Thief walks off with Air Jordans from Highlands Park pool

WESTERVILLE - A Westerville teen says someone stole his shoes while he

AJ AJ June 2, 2022

Gun photo taken at Westerville South High School

WESTERVILLE - Westerville Police are investigating after a photo of a person

AJ AJ June 2, 2022

Westerville police investigate report of renegade archer

WESTERVILLE - Police recently responded to a report of arrows sticking in

AJ AJ June 1, 2022